Andrea Kennette, LMT



Massage Therapy is a wonderful tool that can be applied in a variety of situations. The most common question I have received is "Do you think massage can help with my______? " Most of the time, my answer is "Absolutely!" I have worked with sports injuries, headaches, pregnancy related back pain, post surgical recovery, stress induced pain, physical and emotional trauma and more in my 10 years as a therapist. While one massage does not often "cure" the original complaint, I have found that regular massage, in conjunction with following appropriate guidance from other health professionals, can substantially reduce acute pain episodes and aid in healing.  How does massage work? Massage works through multiple pathways. Massage is primarily a soft tissue manipulation but touch works on the nervous system and can therefore affect a clients mood, attitude, sleep and immunity. I have found that the main pathway through which massage works is the circulatory system.  A tight muscle, whether the result of injury, stress or weakness, cannot receive the nutrients through blood flow, necessary to make it function. Massage stimulates blood circulation, allowing muscles to relax. When the muscles start to relax, they can be retrained through stretching, exercise and mindfulness. My job as the massage therapist is to help the muscles relax and provide the client with knowledge on how to maintain and improve the benefits of massage throughout their day, week and month. 

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